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Comix from Inside

Artist: Marcus A. Bedford, Jr.

K-00220, J Wing 226L, P.O. Box 600, DVI Fac.A, Tracy, CA 95378

Best Ideas...

California For Profit Pipeline

Prison Industrial Complex: The Sh-cell game

Overcrowding Costs Millions

Scared Taxpayer

Calicarceration: Elderly Lifers


Million-Dollar Hikers

Too Big to Fail

Lady Justice

Calicarceration: Two Strikes

Same Old Thing

Anti-social vibe

Your Only Hope


Youth Acts: Unless you feel like getting beat, shot

Too Long


Enough Rope



Two Jobs

Down Too Long

Try to Ignore the Pink Elephant


Welcome to California

Petty Cash


Not Enough Room for Democracy


Youth Acts: 8 of 10 Parole Commissioners

Human Trafficking

The Next Generation


Youth Acts: Private Prisons

One Life to Live


Parole hearing-lack of insight

CDCR - The Same Results

Play Area

Death and Construction

Parole hearing-release date

Taking Money from Schools

Reform Drop Box

Stand Your Ground

Mexican Border

Wrongfully Executed

This Many Cops

Which Gang, Yours or Ours?

Excessive contact

The Prison System Has Taken a Turn for the Worse

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