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Artist: R.H.

These comix were sent to the Real Cost of Prisons Project by women and men who are incarcerated. Additional comix will be added.

We encourage you to contact the artist directly if you like and/or want to use his work.

To submit political and analytical comix and cartoons, please send original material or high-quality xeroxes to The Real Cost of Prisons Project. All original work will be returned after it is scanned. There is no payment available for posting comix and cartoons.

Please send the contact information for the artist.

For more information, contact lois@realcostofprisons.org or mail to:

Real Cost of Prisons Project
5 Warfield Place
Northampton, MA 01060

Jacob Barrett

Marcus A. Bedford, Jr.

Michael Brodsky

Arkee Chaney

Joseph Dole

Adrian English

Ana Lucia Gelabert


Donald "C-Note" Hooker

James Hough

Carnell Hunnicutt, Sr.

John Letellier

Steven Parkhurst

John Pinard


Willie Worley, Jr

Art on Other Web Sites

One Big Self: Prisoners of Louisiana: photographer Deborah Luster


What is Prison Lectionary?

Prison Lectionary is a virtual space devoted to biblical interpretation by artists and authors incarcerated in jails or prisons in the United States. The purpose of this endeavor is two-fold. First, Prison Lectionary will provide a forum for the voices of prisoners, who are the most authoritative witnesses to the violence of the Prison Industrial Complex. Second, Prison Lectionary will serve as a repository of information for pastors and others as they study the Revised Common Lectionary texts or other Scriptures.

Conversations with the Dead

Photos from Danny Lyons' 1971 book Conversations with the Dead showing prison life in Texas in the late 1960s.

Site Unseen: Incarceration

Curated by Sheila Pinkel. Los Angeles Valley College. Spring 2015. Alyse Emdur, Anthony Friedkin, Los Angeles Poverty Department, Robert V. Montenegro, Jack L. Morris, Brendan Murdock, Sheila Pinkel, Gabriel Ramirez Gabriel Reyes, Richard Ross, Robert Stockton, Mark Strandquist, Margaret Stratton, David Earl Williams

Everyday Life in Incarceration Nation


The Prison Arts Coalition

The Prison Arts Coalition (PAC) is an independent space providing information and resources for people creating art in and around the American prison system.


Prison Photography

An excellent compilation of prison photography of many photographers, as well as links to photography blogs, prison art and literature and more.


Kevin "Rashid" Johnson

Gallery of freely usable images by Kevin ‘Rashid’ Johnson, Minister of Defense, New Afrikan Black Panther Party-Prison Chapter.


Ray Masterson

Ray Masterson is a nationally renowned, self-taught artist who found inspiration in a pair of socks while in prison. During the first year of his 15 year sentence for drug-related offenses, Ray was angry at the world. With nowhere to turn for help, he ultimately looked up and prayed to God for "all the wrong things." The answer to that prayer came in a moment of inspired clarity - Ray traded some cigarettes for a pair of socks, secured a sewing needle from a prison guard and started stitching his way to redemption.


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