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Comix from Inside

Artist: Willie Worley, Jr

photo of Willie Worley

Hooray! Willie Worley is free!!!

Willie Worley is also the author of a children's book, Feelings of Mr. Tear Drop. Mr. Tear Drop helps children realize how different feelings are exhibited in behavior.

He also wrote and illustrated Manually Learning ABC's: With Handy Mandy ABC, which teaches children the American Manual alphabet (sign language).

North Carolina Voting

Kayne for President 2020

President-Elect Biden

William Barr A.G.

No-Knock Warrants



No Voter ID


Vote Bernie
(2 pages)

U.S. Diplomat to Ukraine

Russia Cyberspy

First Step Act

Jamal Khashoggi

Hello. Am Beverly Lake Ex-State Supreme Justice

Elijah Cummings and Trump

Ain't No Fun If the Governor Can't Have None

Mueller Words


On the Trump Scandal
(4 pages)

Trump Love

Trump and Putin
(2 pages)

Trump and Kanye

Klan Korrectional

Make White Supremacy Ignorant Again

(4 pages)

All Power to the People

Right Direction

Sean Spicer

Russia! I don't know anyone in Russia!
(4 pages)

Black Wall Street: Tulsa 1921 and 2015
(4 pages)

War on Pot
(4 pages)

North Carolina Voting Restrictions
(3 pages)

Utah v. Edward Joseph Strieff

Oakland Corruption

North Carolina House Bill 2

San Francisco Police Department

House Speaker?

Hillary and Bernie

No Recall


Accountability: Patrick Lynch and Eric Garner

Stop Mass Incarceration

Tea Party

Officer Randall Kerrick
(2 pages)

Bill and Hillary
(2 pages)

I Murdered Samuel DuBose

President Obama on Criminal Justice

The Big Ten


DPS Whac-a-mole

Why We Need Bail Reform in Massachusetts
(4 pages)

Want to Hear a Black Joke?

Take the Flag Down


Prison Corruption

Willie Worley Has a Pencil

I Told You He Has a Pencil

Political Fiction

Black in America
(4 pages)


I Better Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

George Will on Solitary

I Can't Breathe

Kim Jong Un
(2 pages)

We the Jury

Black Panther
(6 pages)

Charlie Hebdo

Freedom of Expression

Pope Francis

Tar Babies


Voting Guide


I Want You

Hands Up Don't Shoot

Federal Law Prohibits

The Voting Section of the U.S. Department of Justice Protects Our Rights Under the Voting Rights Act of 1965
(2 pages)

I am Secret Service Director Julia Pierson

As Charlotte's Police Chief I Welcome Scrutiny

CMPD's Criminals

Rick Scott

Charlotte police

I killed an unarmed man

NC desegregation

Presidential Hopefuls

Sen. Harry Reid and Felon Disenfranchisement

North Carolina Prisoner Voting Guide
(2 pages)

Special Interest: Thom Tillis

Politics Is Like a Sports League


I'm crying because Roy might be Governor

Vote. It's your right.

Barack Obama is enemy number one

How do we show our gratitude? With unconscious implicit racism

Karl Rove

I shot an unarmed Black man nine times.

Elizabeth Warren

A rigged system against the middle class

Kay Hagan will rip you to pieces

Which infamous accomplishment did Thom Tillis Do?

I denied Federal Medicaid to a half a million North Carolinians

Vote for Thom Tilles If You Need...

Why the Affordable Care Act Was So Desperately Needed?

Poor Kathleen Sebileus

Roy Cooper Governor 2016
(3 pages)

Vote NC

Diane Feinstein

National Intelligence for African Communities Progeny Black Panther Party

Attention Voters

George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin, R.I.P.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officer Randall Kerrick. Responded to A Reported Attempt...

Angela Merkel and the NSA

Jonathon Ferrell was shot 10 times by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police...


Jonathan Ferrell shot and killed by Charlotte Police Officer on 9-14-13

Charlotte NC Police Chief and Hidden Valley
(5 pages)

Rebuilding our communities...

Ignore Moral Monday Scented Hair Spray

Profile Card: Thom Tillis

Profile Card: Phil Berger

Profile Card: Pat McCrory

KKK Plans Disrupted
(5 pages)

Charlotte Mayoral Candidate Gary Dunn: "I am the white guy"
(2 pages)

Civil Rights lawyer Julius Chambers (1936-2013)

President Barack Obama on Trayvon Martin

Attorney General Eric Holder on Trayvon Martin
(2 pages)

Moral Mondays and The New Jim Crow
(3 pages)

Jaquez Baltimore Walker
(4 pages)

The Ku Klux Klan Reasserted itself...
(2 pages)

Don't Let Alot of Political Fiction Intice and Seduce You About Crime....

Don't tell me you are surprised that George Zimmerman ...
(4 pages)

(3 pages)

The New Jim Crow Is Like a Mental Toolbox
(3 pages)

No other country in the world imprisons so many of its racial minorities...
(4 pages)

Ronald Reagan and the War on Drugs

The Biggest Trick the Devil Ever Played

Clinton's Tenure

Corruption and Deceit of S.B.I. Forensic Labs

On May 28, 2013 the Supreme Court made it easier to raise challenges in Federal Court

Slavery, Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration - Who taught him to read?
(3 pages)

Pastor Belton Lamont Platt

That's Right, Boy, You Said It Cor-rect

Black Incarceration Rates Drop
(3 pages)

George Will and Solitary Confinement
(6 pages)

Pillow Talk

Signs that identify the bad ones

Charlotte, NC Crime

Corruption - political power play between the Mayor of Charlotte and the Governor who was the Mayor of Charlotte for three terms.

Governor McCrory - I do understand.

Obama and Pardons

The Investigating Critic Newsletter - A Political Newsletter Based on Comics about new Issues, Volume One
(6 pages)

Ret. Judge Nancy Gertner on Three Strikes in MA
(2 pages)

Every day I work hard to fight for prisoner's right that are protected by federal laws.
(4 pages)

Four cartoons based on the Brennan Center Report
(4 pages)

Abraham Lincoln on Slavery


We don't really dress like this.


Franklin Correctional Sign Plant

Old Behind Bars

DPS dumping adult health care

Will it help save the state money?

More than half are probably false - disciplinary infractions 2009-2010

Solitary Confinement (from Solitary Watch)

North Carolina Supreme Court: "race materially and significantly important"

"The judge can roll her eyes, but has no authority to consider anything else" -- Judge Nancy Gertner

Mandatory minimum sentences through a judge's eyes

MA: "Sheriff Ashe is finally getting what he knew he would need."

Nancy Gerner and MA Three Strikes

Help me get through the maze...

Pat McCrory may make an excellent Governor if not for...

National Intelligence for African American Communities

Bev Perdue--I will not seek re-election

$10 administrative fees

False Misconduct Tickets

Stop these cartoons or we will fine you $10.

Solitary Watch

Lois Ahrens Is What Keeps Me Going



U.S. Commission on Prisons

South Carolina Oil Spill


Work Opportunity Tax Credit and Work Release

Prison Work-Release

Angry Black Man

Do you think I'll get....re-elected

Lies to Promote Incarceration

Public Safety Is Our Main Concern

Real Cost of Prisons Website

North Carolina Prisoner and Pelican Bay

Hunger Strike at Pelican Bay

African American Blood Brotherhood

The Ravages of Solitary Confinement



Don't be a buyer of prison building

Mike Easley

Special Housing Units

Letter to America

35th Anniversary of the Return to the Death Penalty.

Bilking prisoners for using the telephone

Solitary Confinement

Response to Barry Saunders

What's under Gov. Bev. Perdue's Hat

Self portrait

Sitting on the Dock

Voting Rights

The 13th Amendment

Read the Interview with Lois Ahrens

Prisoners' Money

Clarence Thomas - A Legal Legacy Unfolds

Deputy Duty

Wanted: Willie Westwood for Exposing the Cruelty of Prisons.

Coalition for Prisoners' Rights

Suit against taking 80% of prisoners money they receive as gifts.

Ronald Reagan Declares the War on Drugs

Death Penalty

The Real War

War vs. Prison

Rehabilitate Every Institutional Gang Member Course

Special Housing Unit

Class Action Suits

Prisoner's Misconduct Tickets

Drug Doubts

Innocent People

Bill Clinton

One-third of African-American Males...

A Jail to Back Up Every Arrest

Baby Rush

Good Ol' Bill Clinton

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